Double Sided Practise Pads

$125.00 USD - $140.00 USD
  • Double Sided Practise Pads
  • Double Sided Practise Pads
  • Double Sided Practise Pads

Octagonal, dual-sided practice pads - 9" Ø

Rectangular, dual-sided practice pads - 28cm by 17.3cm (*Golden Ratio)

Timpani batter side (*black) - tension akin to a 29" timpano, thick rubber foam cladded with genuine calf leather (*tight grained with soft temper), doesn't bottom out when attacking with heavy strokes, excellent rebounce from the premium leather upgrade, and zero worry of felted mallets catching on the contact surface.

Snare drum batter side (*red) - industrial-grade rubber from UK fabricated to withstand heavy abuse. Superb response!

Tropical hardwood is used for the frame of the pads, hidden dado joinery within, tight seams.